Private Roundtable

A fairer, future London: Making it happen

This event has already taken place.

Away from London’s overall success story as a global city, lie many darker aspects. Too many Londoners suffer from poverty, homelessness, job insecurity and a low quality of life. Inequality is rife and has been worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. And despite London’s proud history of fighting racial injustice, the city is also home to racism and intolerance. 

The event is part of Phase 2 of London Futures, our major strategic review of London.

This private roundtable will focus on how fairness, inequality and discrimination affect life in London, and how we might address this 

  • How might economic and social change exacerbate or mitigate inequalities in coming years? 
  • What rights and opportunities should be offered to all London’s citizens? 
  • How can London respond to long-standing and structural inequalities, as it transitions to a greener economy?  
  • What can London government do to be an anti-racist champion? 

Our London Futures review will foster the new thinking that London needs to sustain its success and tackle its growing challenges.


This roundtable is part of Phase 2 of our London Futures project, which is generously supported by