London Futures: Building a new vision for London to 2050 and beyond

Working with leaders from across London, including the Mayor of London, London boroughs, national government, businesses, universities, charities and community groups we’re undertaking an ambitious, multi-year strategic review of the city to shape London’s future to 2050 and beyond.


The London Futures review is a once in a generation opportunity to take a long-term, strategic approach to the city. There are many directions that London could take in the future, but the city lacks a shared vision to navigate the many challenges it faces and the trade-offs that will need to be made. We need to establish what Londoners want London’s future to be like and what the city’s priorities should be. Our aim is to build a new shared vision for London with Londoners.

Have your say

To create a shared vision, we need to understand what’s most important to you. We’ve launched ‘Your Future London’ – an interactive platform where you can learn about how London is doing today, explore our future scenarios for the city, and have your say in London’s future. The choices you make will reveal what you care about, what direction you want the city to take, and what your ideal future London would look like.

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You can also share more detailed thoughts about London’s future through this consultation form. We will use all of the responses to understand what values people care most about and what we should prioritise to create the shared vision for London.

Workshop pack

We’ve created a workshop pack to help people engage with groups and lead discussions about London’s future, and feed thoughts back into the London Futures review.



More about London Futures

In September 2020 we published the first report from the London Futures review, London at a crossroads.

The report reflects on the city’s successes over the last 30 years, highlights its persisting challenges and explores London’s possible futures. We set out five potential future scenarios to provoke an honest conversation about the considerations and trade–offs that London will have to make.

We’re also working with partners to explore these possible futures through further research, events, and workshops. And we’ve written up the discussions at five recent roundtables which brought together leaders from different parts of the cities’ DNA together to reflect on and debate the big challenges ahead. You can read these below.

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Blog: How should power and democracy evolve in the capital?

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