Research and ideas

Homes and places

Housing in London is in short supply and costs are high – worsening living standards and making London a less attractive place for business. Many homes and neighbourhoods are badly designed and planned, and communities feel shut out from the way their city is changing. Our research looks for new ways for London to meet its housing needs, to foster diverse, lively and sustainable places, and to empower communities. We want every Londoner to have access to a good quality, affordable home, regardless of their income, age or background.


Environment and transport

Reducing London’s carbon emissions – in everything from domestic heating to international travel – in response to the global climate emergency is a fundamental priority over the next decade. Greening London’s transport, and reducing dependence of cars in particular, is essential to decarbonisation, as well as to improving air quality and making London a more humane and liveable city. Our research examines how we can use new technologies and better regulation to build a fairer, safer and greener transport system for the future.


Skills, work and good business

The economic blows dealt by the pandemic have fallen heaviest on younger, lower-paid workers, and workers from ethnic minorities. As the economy recovers and adapts to changes in global trade, technology, work and consumption – as well as to the climate emergency – our work will look for ways to ensure London’s recovery is inclusive and fair. We focus on skills, social mobility and labour market inequalities, as well as on London’s changing global role as an economic hub, a creative hotspot and a centre for better business.


Health and wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on London’s deep and long-standing health inequalities. As the capital looks beyond the crisis and seeks to build back better, we examine the broader canvas of health and wellbeing, including the ways in which access to open space, economic opportunity, urban design, education, good quality housing and transport options can create a healthier city for all Londoners, particularly those from minority groups who currently have the worst health outcomes.


London, UK and the world

London's position as a global city is vulnerable to the fast-changing global economy and the uncertainties of Brexit. Concerns about regional balance within the UK throw London's role into question. Our work seeks to sustain London’s global status and strengthen its contribution to the UK, through greater devolution, governance reform, and building strong partnerships between government, civil society and business.




1 November 2021 – 31 October 2022

Global Cities Survey We're tracking London's recovery from the pandemic against four other global cities.

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26 August 2021 – 30 September 2022

Making the most of local authority assets This project looks at how local authorities can use property, procurement, and pensions to improve their local economy.