Research & Ideas

Our work is focused on four interlinked research programmes to tackle the city's critical challenges.

Housing & Neighbourhoods

London faces an acute shortage of affordable housing, undermining its competitiveness and eroding living standards. Despite London's standing as a global capital of architecture and design, too many new developments are of mediocre quality. We’re working to ensure that London meets its housing needs and builds better neighbourhoods.


Skills, Opportunity & Good Work

London's success depends on its ability to develop, attract and retain talented people. Too many Londoners struggle to get by: working poverty has risen sharply and workers on moderate and middle incomes have seen their living standards squeezed. Our work aims to ensure that all Londoners can make the most of the economic opportunities the city offers, from the day they leave school and throughout their working lives.


London & the UK

While London's economic and cultural success brings benefits to the rest of the country, it is also putting strains on the relation between the two. We’re working to ensure London plays a positive role as capital by strengthening the city’s economic, cultural and other links to the rest of the nation and forging closer alliances with other UK cities and regions.


Transport & Environment

As London's population grows, its transport system is placed under intensifying pressure. Congestion is on the rise. Air pollution, road safety and the cost of travel are all major public concerns. While new technologies have made it easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to move around the city, they also threaten to worsen congestion and pollution. Our work aims to improve the quality of London’s public realm, tackle pollution and ensure the city is getting the best from new transport technologies.


Mavis CW


24 June 2019 – 31 January 2020

Central London We're exploring how we can ensure that this vital district is fit for the future.


08.30–17.30 5 November 2019 | Venue: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4BS

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