Research & Ideas

Our work is focused on four interlinked research programmes which we believe are integral to building a fair and prosperous city.

Housing & Neighbourhoods

London faces an acute shortage of affordable housing, eroding living standards and undermining the economy. Housing poverty, overcrowding and homelessness have risen. Many homes and neighbourhoods suffer from poor design and planning, and communities feel shut out from the way their city is changing. Our research looks for new ways for London to meet its housing needs, build better neighbourhoods, strengthen communities, enable better use of land and buildings and unlock investment. We want every Londoner to have access to good quality, affordable housing, regardless of their income, age or background.


Skills & Opportunity

London’s labour market is rapidly evolving and too many Londoners are barred from the opportunities the city offers. Skills gaps hamper employers and workers alike. Low paid and poor quality jobs leave many people struggling to get by or advance. Pockets of unemployment persist. And these challenges may intensify as the continues to transform. Our work looks at the changing nature of work in London, with a focus on skills, social mobility and labour market inequalities. We want London to be a place where workers are fairly paid, feel fulfilled and secure, and able to adapt as the economy changes.


London, UK & the world

London's position as a global city is vulnerable to the fast-changing global economy and the uncertainties of Brexit. Concerns about regional balance within the UK throw London's role into question. Our work seeks to sustain London’s global status and strengthen its contribution to the UK, through greater devolution, governance reform, and building strong partnerships between government, civil society and business.


Transport & Environment

London’s transport infrastructure is under increasing strain and public transport costs remain high. Cars still dominate London's roads, contributing to air pollution, congestion and road danger, and degrading the public realm. London also needs to face up to the global climate emergency by minimising its contribution to climate change and adapting to its consequences – in everything from transport, to construction, to economic and population growth. Our work aims to create a sustainable transport system which is fair for all. We're also working to improve the public realm, healthier environment and a resilient low carbon city.



16 December 2019 – 25 September 2020

London College of Food This project is exploring how a London College of Food might work in practice.

Wyn Griffiths


1 October 2019 – 30 April 2019

Further education in London How is further education currently meeting the needs of London and Londoners?

Krists Luhaers

London ideas

21 November 2019 | Geraldine Bedell, Joanna Corfield

London ideas 3 How can central London cope with the demands placed on it?

David Holt

Blog Post

11 February 2020 | Ben Rogers

Building better, beautiful places in London How can we strengthen the way we plan, develop, design and run our build environment? Ben Rogers assesses the findings of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission.