Our organisational values 

Working at Centre for London

Our organisational values 

We are ambitious about our work and serious about changing London for the better. We understand how change happens and are focused on bringing it about. We aren’t afraid to criticise established ways of doing things and to challenge unfairness. We push ourselves and are always looking for ways of improving what we do and achieving more.   

We bring a spirit of collaboration to everything we do. We work as a team and support each other. We take pride in our ability to bring different organisations and interests together and forge shared approaches and new solutions. We put our commitments to creating a better London before our own organisational interests.

We stand or fall by our independence and the rigour of our work. Our ideas, arguments and decisions are rooted in evidence and can stand up to robust scrutiny. We attend to detail and seek, listen and learn from different points of view.

We are convinced that diversity brings strength and fosters creativity, and that we will achieve more by better reflecting the city that we serve. We aim for an environment where people from all backgrounds feel welcome, respected and valued. We consider our own biases and work to remove barriers that might narrow our appeal. We are open to change.