Micromobility in London


We are very grateful all those who gave their time and shared their expertise throughout the course of this project. Particular thanks are due to our colleagues Rob Whitehead, Nick Bowes and to the members of our advisory group: Nathan Ashley (Senior Public Policy Manager, Voi UK, Ireland & Benelux), Matthew Clark (Associate, Steer), Vanessa Harrison (Principal Policy Officer, Greater London Authority), Fatema Karim-Khaku, (Senior Transport Planner, Arup), Marion Lagadic (Project Manager, 6t), Tiffany Lam (Inclusive Cycling Expert), Grace Packard (Principle Consultant, Momentum Transport), Sebastian Schlebusch (Head of Market Development, Dott), Ashok Sinha (Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign), and Lorna Stevenson (Student, Active Travel Academy, University of Westminster). We are also grateful to Paulius Mackela (Principal Policy & Project Officer, London Councils) for sharing insight into the e-scooter trials in London, and to former Centre for London colleague Erica Belcher for her work on this project. Thank you to Denean Rowe for designing the maps and to Lisa Nemetz for typesetting the report. The views expressed in this report are solely those of the authors, and all errors and omissions remain our own.

This report would not have been possible without the generous support of Van and Eva DuBose, our Major Sponsors Dott and Voi, and our In-Kind Project Partner Steer.

“We believe that integrating shared micromobility into London’s transport system will lead to a more pleasant, less polluted and less congested city. Powered by renewable energy, Dott’s e-scooters offer Londoners the choice to travel in an environmentally friendly, fun and efficient way. For e-scooters and e-bikes to be a truly compelling alternative to cars, cities need to set standards that ensure riders, pedestrians and other road users can travel safely. We work closely with the communities in which we operate to help introduce our services safely, and collaborating with the Centre for London on this research highlights the importance of a consistent approach across the city which would offer riders the best experience and encourage the switch to a greener way to travel.”

Duncan Robertson, General Manager
Dott UK/Ireland

“At Voi safety and accessibility have always been at the heart of everything we do to ensure our e-scooter and e-bike riders and all other road users can benefit from the introduction of these sustainable modes of transport. While our experience tells us that one size doesn’t fit all, cities such as London can benefit from insights and learnings from other UK cities where e scooter
and e-bike trials are taking place, be that on safety, technology or operations. The collaboration between Centre for London and Voi on this research will play a key role in helping policymakers set the framework to create better and healthier places to live.”

Nathan Ashley, Senior Public Policy Manager
Voi UK, Ireland & Benelux