About the authors

Micromobility in London

About the authors

Josh Cottell

Josh is Research Manager at Centre for London. He joined the Centre
in 2021 and is responsible for managing research projects on a range of
topics. Before joining Centre for London, he worked at the Education
Policy Institute where his research focused on the availability and quality
of education and childcare for young children. Josh also previously worked
at Coram Family and Childcare. His research interests include education,
employment, and the environment.

Kieran Connelly

Kieran is Research Assistant at Centre for London. He joined the Centre in
2021 and works on our research projects. Before joining Centre for London,
he was an Election Agent and strategist in local government elections.
Kieran is also a volunteer tutor/mentor for children with chronic health

Claire Harding

Claire is Research Director at Centre for London. Before joining Centre
for London she was the Head of Research at Coram Family and Childcare,
where she led on the annual Childcare Surveys. She previously worked in
research and development at digital mental health provider Big White Wall,
and in public sector research consultancy. Her research interests include
education and opportunity, wellbeing, equalities and gender.