Borough Builders: Delivering More Housing Across London


We are grateful to all those who provided expert advice and guidance on this report, especially the members of our Advisory Group: Mark Baigent (Independent Consultant and Interim Divisional Director, London Borough of Tower Hamlets); Scott Bryant (Senior Policy Officer, Housing and Land, Greater London Authority); George Davidson (Senior Strategic Business Manager, London Borough of Southwark); Jeff Endean (Housing Strategy and Programmes Manager, London Borough of Lewisham); Tobias Goevert (Head of Regeneration and Design, London Borough of Harrow); Pat Hayes (Managing Director, Be First); Colm Lacey (Managing Director and CEO, Brick by Brick); Janice Morphet (Visiting Professor, University College London); Elanor Warwick (Head of Strategic Policy and Research, Clarion); and Iain Taylor (New Business and Partnerships
Director, Clarion).

We would also like to thank all our interviewees, who generously offered their time and expertise to the project. Thanks are due to our colleagues at Centre for London – particularly Richard Brown for steering and contributing to this project, and Silviya Barrett who developed the original proposal. The views in this report are nevertheless those of the authors alone, and any omissions or mistakes remain our own. Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors: Be First, Brick by Brick, and the London Boroughs of Harrow, Lewisham and Southwark – without whose generous support this report would not have been possible.