London ideas

London ideas

Welcome to the first edition of London ideas, a magazine dedicated to urban innovations that could transform London – and cities around the world – for the better.

Like all cities, London’s future depends on its ability to innovate, re-invent and develop new ideas. But new ideas need spaces where they can be nurtured, tested, discussed and promoted. London ideas aims to provide such a space.

London ideas will be published twice a year. Alongside the magazine, Centre for London is also running a related series of regular events at which entrepreneurs and innovators present and discuss their ideas. Some of the ideas from our first event are featured in these pages.

Inside this issue

  • Autonomous boats in cities
  • 3D-printed homes
  • Artificial Intelligence tackling crime
  • Peer-to-peer lending for builders
  • Celebrating London’s Gaybourhoods
  • Technology to help blind people navigate the city
  • Building homes over stations
  • And more…

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