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London’s future depends on its ability to innovate, reinvent and develop new ideas. Through London ideas we champion fresh, original thinking with the potential to transform London – and cities around the world – for the better.

London ideas magazine

Our magazine combines compelling case studies, with essays, interviews, and trend spotting. It is read by London councils, policymakers and civic, business and third sector leaders. You can catch up on the first issue here and the second issue here. The third issue, out this Autumn, will explore the ingredients needed to keep central London thriving as a sociable city centre, and how we can maintain its vital contribution to the UKs consumer and visitor economy.

This publication will feature thought leadership on central London’s role as a cultural, retail and social hub, exploring interlinked questions such as:

  • What are the challenges that central London faces, and how can they be overcome?
  • What does the future hold for central London’s retail districts? What can shopping districts learn from out of town shopping centres?
  • How can central London cope with the demands placed on it, in terms of footfall, overcrowding and congestion?

The magazine will be published in November 2019.

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