Future of the Thames

The Thames is central to London: a source of its growth, an important piece of infrastructure and a key element in its identity.

After decades of relative neglect, London is rediscovering the potential of the river as an economic and public asset – with new attention paid to the quality of the built environment and public space, its value as a transport corridor, and its health as an environmental system.

This creates new opportunities, but also new challenges and trade-offs. Fulfilling the potential of the Thames will require balancing these demands and articulating a strategic vision for its future.

About this project

This project investigated the key issues for the Thames and how London can maximise the potential of the river. We looked at the sustainability of the river, using the Thames more as a transport corridor, the river as a public amenity, the estuary and the quality of design and development along the banks.

The project also included an analysis on how the river works in terms of current patterns of ownership, investment and governance; an assessment of past and current initiatives and their impact on this; and comparisons of London’s experience with that of other cities in Europe and North America.