Tony Travers

Director | LSE London

Tony Travers is Director of LSE London. He is also a professor in the LSE’s Government Department. His key research interests include public finance, local and regional government and London government. He was an advisor to the House of Commons Education Select Committee and is currently an advisor to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee. He is a board member of the New Local Government Network. He is an Honorary Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy. He has published a number of books on cities and government and also broadcasts and writes for the national press.

Jamie Smith


09.00–17.00 4 November 2014 | Venue: Royal Festival Hall

London Conference 2014 What should London be asking for from the new national government, and what should the new government be looking for from London?


The London Conference 2019

08.30–17.30 5 November 2019

Venue: The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4BS