Shashi Verma

Director of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer | Transport for London

Shashi Verma is Director of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer at Transport for London (TfL). He joined TfL in September 2002.

Since 2006 Shashi has been responsible for the operation of TfL’s revenue collection system including the Oyster card, the largest smartcard based ticketing system in the world; and, advising the Mayor of London on fares and ticketing policy. In 2011 he added responsibility for integrating all customer facing activities and for running TfL’s customer service operations. Shashi has led the development of contactless payments since 2007 and implemented this successfully on TfL’s systems starting in 2012. In the process he has developed capability for technology development and globally leading innovation in a public sector organisation.

London is a growing city facing in a competitive world, not least in a post Brexit world dominated by complacence about London’s success and envy at the investment needed to support this. Shashi is looking forward to joining the board because Centre for London is a key player in shaping the debate and opinion about the future of London.