Pete Redman

Managing Director, Property | ReSI Capital Management Ltd

Pete Redman has worked in social housing for 40 years leading housing associations and local authority services in London, Leeds and Birmingham, including the Notting Hill Housing Group, where he pioneered the development of mixed tenure communities and championed the debate for higher density development in central London in the 1990s. Throughout his career he has helped set, and campaigned for, high standards for affordable housing and of good design. More recently he helped Lambeth Council tackle its housing investment needs by establishing a resident led ALMO for four tenant managed estates, and then London’s largest ALMO for the rest of the Council’s housing stock. He has been Chair of the RIBA Housing Client Forum, is an Honorary Fellow of RIBA, and was a founder member of Design for Homes. He has also been chair of the London Housing Federation.

Pete is currently Managing Director, Property, for ReSI Capital Management Ltd, which provides services to ReSI REIT plc.

He is a member of the Housing Studies Association and the Highbury Group on Housing Delivery. His research concentrates on housing market dynamics, house price volatility, and the role of social housing within the overall housing market. He led the financial analysis as part of the winning team for the Wolfson Economics Prize 2014 on garden cities.