Kate Spiliopoulos develops and oversees Centre for London’s events programme, including the London Conference.

Prior to relocating to the UK, she worked in international finance in New York. She has an MSc in Urbanisation and Economic Development from the London School of Economics. As a graduate, she helped Centre for London to launch The London Conference and the London Salon series in 2011. Afterwards, she worked in the social innovation sector, helping large organisations to communicate online and small organisations to launch as social enterprises.

She re-joined Centre for London in 2015. Half American, half British, and Greek by marriage, she is interested in cross cultural communication and how we can effectively weave communities together in changing London neighbourhoods.  


08.30–17.40 7 November 2018 | Venue: Congress Centre, 28 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3LN

The London Conference 2018 How can London respond to disruptive times and become an inclusive, working capital?