Press Release

Response to Sajid Javid’s announcement of a White Paper on English Devolution

Responding to the Chancellor Sajid Javid’s announcement of a White Paper on English Devolution, Ben Rogers, Director at Centre for London said:

“Despite devolutionary moves over the last two decades, the UK remains highly centralised, with too much power and resources concentrated in Westminster. This remains particularly true for England, whose cities and regions are still largely run from the centre.

“Even London, which has more control than its English counterparts, lacks powers, especially over tax, and by international standards is an outlier.

“For this reason, we welcome today’s announcement that the government will publish a White Paper on English Devolution. But we urge the government to look at London alongside other English regions and cities, and resist the instinct to see London as a special case, which already has the powers it needs.

“London must work with other cities and regions across England to make this case and emphasise to government that devolution should not be a zero-sum game – more powers to one region or city should not mean less for others.

“Local leaders need to be given the powers and funding to determine their own future, meet local needs and drive local economic growth.”