Press Release

Response to Skills for Jobs White Paper

Responding to the Skills for Jobs White Paper, Nicolas Bosetti, Research Manager at Centre for London said:

“Today’s White Paper shows that this government recognises the crucial role further education plays in the country’s education system and its economic recovery.

“Opening up access to education loans for FE learners is sensible, however 2025 is a long time to wait for those loans to be introduced, at a time when many Londoners are struggling.

“And free one-term courses are a good addition too, although they will need to be properly resourced to be attractive and useful to learners.

“But there is more to do. Offering a free entitlement to Level 3 qualifications is welcome, but this should be available for people switching careers as well as first time learners.

“In London, the government could go one step further and consider ways to devolve the further education budget to City Hall, to give the Mayor strategic oversight of the city’s skills provision at a time of great upheaval.”


Notes to Editors

  • In 2020, the Centre published City Skills, a report which looked at ways to strengthen London’s further education offer.