Press Release

Centre for London responds to the Mayor’s ‘Better Homes for Local People’ good practice guide

Responding to the Mayor’s Better Homes for Local People’ good practice guide, Ben Rogers, Director at Centre for London said:

“Estate redevelopment has a role to play in meeting London’s housing needs, but so is building denser on brownfield sites, in private neighbourhoods and around stations.”

“Too often in the past, developers have failed to secure support from local residents for their plans. This has created local tensions and threatened the whole process of delivering more homes. Unless we get better at winning support for regeneration projects it will be difficult to deliver the homes that we need.”

“The Mayor sets out some welcome commitments to engaging with and compensating affected residents, including through maximising Home Loss Payments as recommended in Another Storey. The proposal for compulsory ballots puts existing residents’ views at the heart of the redevelopment process. But it could also frustrate the supply of social and affordable housing in London. We will need to be careful to ensure that the voices of families on housing waiting lists, and other Londoners in need of decent and affordable housing, are also heard in the process.”


Centre for London’s 2016 Another Storey report found that densification of large estates could have the potential to add between 80,000 and 160,000 homes across London over 20 years. However, our analysis has also shown that the capacity for estate densification is often overstated, both in terms of the number of additional units that could be gained, and the density of existing estates compared to their surrounding areas.