Press Release

Centre for London response to London Housing Strategy

Responding to the publication of the Mayor of London’s Housing Strategy, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“This strategy makes welcome progress towards addressing housing supply and affordability – two of London’s biggest challenges.

“There is a lot to applaud, including a renewed focus on councils as house builders and support for precision manufactured housing.

“But we also push the Mayor to move further and faster in some areas: we need plans for boroughs to work together on a London-wide scale, to make the most of scarce land and skills. We urgently need to boost the capacity of a building industry that is threatened by a post-Brexit migration slowdown. And the Mayor should not rule out Green Belt development, but should commit to a long-term review, so that he can plan successfully for the next million Londoners.”


  • Centre for London will be publishing a report on July 18, looking at the role that boroughs can play in ensuring delivery of new homes across London, through direct delivery or long-term partnerships. Find out more.
  • Centre for London will be publishing a report on September 18, looking at how innovations in housing construction such as modular construction and prefab homes could improve the speed, scale, and quality of housing delivery across London. Find out more.