Press Release

Centre for London responds to the Mayor’s draft Economic Development Strategy

Responding to the Mayor’s draft Economic Development Strategy, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“London is a world leader in many business sectors, but it is also confronting the uncertainties of Brexit and the chronic challenges of fairness, skills and infrastructure.

“The Mayor’s draft Economic Development Strategy addresses a range of factors – from housing costs and transport infrastructure to skills – that underpin inclusive economic success, and includes some innovative programmes to promote business growth and innovation, including the new SME Fund​.

“It’s also good see the Mayor promoting London’s capacity to generate new approaches to tackling city problems in the form of a ‘Civic Innovation Challenge’, as recommended by Centre for London. ​

“But ​the strategy ​also reflects the Mayor’s limited power to promote prosperity in London. We support the call for more devolution – on skills, property taxes, health, and welfare.”