Press Release

One Year on from Brexit, London’s Voice Must be Heard

A year on from the European referendum in the UK, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London and author of Centre for London’s new report, ‘Open City: London after Brexit’ and the ‘Brexit Manifesto’ said:

“A year on from the vote to leave the EU, and London continues to feel unsteady on its feet. The government have failed to deliver clarity on transitional trade arrangements, and the status of citizens from the EU living and working here. Without these, the prosperity of the capital may be put at risk as employers consider their options.

“London is powered by talent and trade, and losing either could damage the economy and the capital’s character as an open and welcoming city.

“If London is going to maintain its competitiveness after Brexit, it will need continued access to international talent, a trade deal that reflects the importance of service sector exports, and new powers that will ready its citizens and infrastructure to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Failing to make London’s voice heard in the Brexit negotiations could cost the country dearly.

“Centre for London’s next report, ‘Open City: London after Brexit‘, makes the case for London remaining open to Europe and the world.”

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