Press Release

Our response to Mayor’s new public health strategy and funding to tackle violence against women

Responding to the Mayor of London’s announcement of a new £18 million package to tackle violence against women and girls in the capital, Claire Harding, Research Director, Centre for London said:

“This funding package is welcome news. It recognises that violence and harassment against women and girls in London is because of what perpetrators do and not what victims do, and that abusers too often go unpunished. And it shows that increased education could make a huge difference to levels of harassment and misogyny, and make it easier for people to challenge harassment when they see it. 

Only a proactive, public health approach to ending the causes of male violence will work to make London a safe place for women to work, travel and enjoy life. We welcome further collaboration between London’s venues, businesses and public spaces to make this happen, and it must be followed up with reforms to policing so that women and girls feel able to report crimes against them.”