Press Release

Centre for London responds to the Mayor’s approval of a factory-built housing scheme in Croydon

Responding and welcoming the Mayor of London’s approval of a 100% affordable factory-built housing scheme, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“The new draft London Plan has set an ambitious target of 66,000 houses to be delivered per year. With limited funding and limited land, we urgently need innovation in construction methods and delivery approaches to scale up and speed up delivery.”

“Manufactured homes are often more talked about than built, so it is positive to see how they can contribute to taller buildings on complex urban sites. We hope this announcement will help to shift preconceptions about off-site construction.”

“Centre for London is researching how we can realise the potential of housing innovations such as off-site construction and new delivery models to improve the speed, scale and quality of housing delivery across London, and will publish a new report this summer.”



The final report from our Made for London project is due to be published in summer 2018.