Press Release

Our response to long-term funding deal for Transport for London

Responding to the announcement of a multi-billion pound settlement for Transport for London until 31 March 2024, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive, Centre for London said:

“There’ll be a huge sigh of relief from Londoners and London’s businesses that there’s a been a deal.

For two years, this crisis has rumbled on – causing untold damage to TfL, eroding confidence in the city, and leaving Londoners worried that the buses and tubes could stop running at any moment.

Of course, we await full details of the deal and any conditions that may come with the funding to assess how they’ll impact Londoners.

But for now, it’s welcome that TfL can get on with its job of running the city’s transport system and planning for the future without having to worry day-to-day about its very survival.”

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