Press Release

Response to London Plan Inspectors Report

Responding to the Inspectors Report on the draft new London Plan, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“The planning inspectors’ report broadly endorses Sadiq Khan’s draft London Plan – the most ambitious and complex seen in twenty years of the London mayoralty.

“However, the inspectors do present the Mayor with a dilemma: they agree with his calculations of housing need, but do not think he can rely on small sites in outer London – some of the most contentious locations for new house building – to meet this need. But their call on the Mayor to undertake a strategic review of the Green Belt to plug the gap is likely to prove more popular with planners than with national politicians or the general public.

Reviewing the Green Belt would definitely be controversial, and care would be needed to ensure that it provided for good growth rather than environmentally ruinous sprawl. But we agree that the time is right for a review, and that the Mayor of London is the right person to lead it.”


  • Yesterday a Panel of Inspectors, appointed by the Secretary of State, issued a report on the Mayor of London’s draft new London Plan.