Press Release

Our response to the Levelling Up White Paper

In response to the government’s publication of the Levelling Up White Paper, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive at Centre for London said:

“We wholeheartedly support the focus on narrowing the nation’s geographical inequalities, which have persisted for far too long. And we welcome acknowledgment that London’s success matters and that the city has its own extensive levelling up challenges. But London’s success depends on sustained investment in infrastructure, public services and skills: none of these are possible without a long-term funding deal for Transport for London.  

“London needs more control over its own affairs. It is good to see the Government’s door is open to devolving further powers. The White Paper puts a spotlight on New York and Paris and their responsibility and powers over welfare, schools, health and fiscal powers. These are exactly the types of powers that London should have.” 

“But it is frustrating that City Hall will yet again need to bid for further powers. To steal a famous corporate tagline – just do it!”