Press Release

Our response to the Prime Minister’s levelling up speech

Responding to the Prime Minister’s levelling up speech today, Nick Bowes, Chief Executive of Centre for London said:

“Today’s shift in tone from the Prime Minister on levelling up will be welcomed across London.

“As the Prime Minister recognises, London is the engine of the UK’s economy, but it is also home to searing poverty. The pandemic has hit the city harder than anywhere else, with new ONS data today showing that London continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the UK.

“For levelling up to be successful, it must be matched by meaningful devolution that allows places to decide what would work best for their local area, rather than new pots of restricted funding and decisions taken by Whitehall.

“We need politicians across all parties to be more vocal that it is in the UK’s interests that London continues to succeed, as our country’s number one global brand and a huge generator of wealth.

“We look forward to seeing how the government approaches the next stage of devolution within the Levelling Up White Paper later this year.”