Press Release

London’s dedicated think tank sets out ideas for the next Mayor of London

The next Mayor of London should take decisive action on London’s economic recovery, transport, housing, and planning policy, and make the case for the city as we emerge from the pandemic. This is according to a manifesto by the capital’s dedicated think tank released ahead of the mayoral election on 6 May 2021.

The manifesto argues that the capital has been badly bruised by coronavirus – as much as any other part of the UK – despite the government’s ‘levelling up’ rhetoric.

To respond to London’s challenges and build back better from the pandemic, the manifesto calls on the mayoral candidates to commit to:

  • Introduce a London-wide system of road user charging to replace the Congestion Charge and Ultra Low Emission zones, that would charge drivers based on distance travelled, type of vehicle, time of day, levels of congestion and availability of alternative travel options.
  • Make London a world leader in safe and inclusive access to ‘micromobility technologies’ – cycling, ebikes and e-scooters.
  • Draw up new strategies on freight and parking to reduce congestion and pollution, and make London’s streets safer.
  • Sign up to a Statement of Community Involvement which commits to early, open, sustained, accessible and well-resourced public engagement through City Hall’s development projects and planning policies.
  • Create a Client Charter to strike a better balance between London’s businesses and self-employed workers, by formalising client’s commitment to fair fees, timely payments and protections from anti-bullying and harassment policies.
  • Create ‘urban enterprise zones’ to enable the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to establish businesses in London’s commercial districts.
  • Call on central government to reform London’s property taxes – council tax and stamp duty and devolve these to London – so that taxes are distributed more fairly between Londoners and unlock new investment.
  • Make the positive case for London to the rest of the UK and the government in partnership with London’s boroughs and politicians from all parties.

Richard Brown, Interim Director at Centre for London said:

“London needs bold thinking and action to help the city and its citizens recover from the pandemic, and to enable the city to power recovery across the UK.

“These ideas are Centre for London’s contribution to the campaign. We look forward to helping the next Mayor to put in place the foundations for a lasting recovery and a better future.”