Press Release

Abandoning the fares freeze is a welcome step for commuters

Responding to Sadiq Khan’s announcement that he will abandon his partial fares freeze on public transport if elected for a second term, Ben Rogers, Director of Centre for London said:

“Abandoning the partial fares freeze is a welcome move from Sadiq Khan. The freeze on tube travel has disadvantaged regular travellers and commuters while benefiting less regular travellers and visitors.

“The current fare freeze only applies to single fares: Travelcard and Oyster caps continue to be set nationally. For example, since the freeze was implemented, the cost of a weekly Travelcard for zones 1-4 has risen by nearly 10 per cent.

“And without a boost to ridership, fare freezes or reductions are costly. The Mayor’s current fares freeze is estimated to cost around £640 million over his four-year term.

“There are a number of revenue-neutral ways to support disadvantaged groups. We argue that the next Mayor of London should review concessions, along with fares, caps, and zone structures to improve affordability for all.”