Press Release

Centre for London responds to announcement of £400m for an electric vehicle charging infrastructure fund

Responding to the chancellor’s announcement of £400m for a charging infrastructure fund for electric vehicles, Tom Colthorpe, author of Centre for London’s recent Streets Smarts report said:

“More investment in electric vehicles charging and R&D is welcome, but electric vehicles are no panacea. Fewer vehicles, not just cleaner ones, is the key to tackling air pollution in our cities.

“Electric cars produce particulates from their tyres and brakes which are linked to serious health problems. If the government is serious about air quality, they must not overlook these risks.

“London should lead the way in promoting non-polluting transport policies – as the Mayor has set out in his draft transport strategy.

“The chancellor’s warm tone on Crossrail 2 will please City Hall, but we’re still waiting for a firm commitment from the government.”

Centre for London convened an independent Commission on the Future of London’s Roads and Streets, with the aim to develop new thinking on what London could do to manage the conflicting pressures on the capital’s surface transport system and public realm. The commission published its final report, Street Smarts in October 2017.