Press Release

Centre for London Responds to Mayor’s Draft Housing Strategy

Responding the the Mayor’s draft housing strategy, Richard Brown, Research Director at Centre for London said:

“This strategy makes welcome commitments to making the best use of land across London to tackle London’s deepening housing crisis, but it also highlights the tensions between the Mayor’s ambitions to tackle the housing crisis and the tools he has to deliver this.

“The Mayor needs greater powers over land assembly and property taxes, to create investment for efficient use of land, find the sites for new development, and enable the public sector to share in land value rises unlocked by investment in infrastructure.

“The Mayor is also right to call for cross-borough collaboration to increase affordable housing. He should help broker formal borough partnerships in housing delivery, and use it policies, powers and resources to facilitate and encourage collaboration.

“London must take urgent steps to tackle the affordable housing crisis. It has become a city where owning a house is a privilege and where modest earners are forced to spend their lives living in barely affordable rented accommodation. London must sharpen its own offering in the face of the challenges presented by Brexit, so that it continues to attracts the talented workers the capital needs to thrive.”