Spotlight: The Shape of Things to Come: Urban Design in London

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London is constantly being reshaped. Recent years have seen a construction boom in the city, and heavy investment in tall and unique towers is changing the city’s skyline, drawing comment from both supporters and critics. But with towers comprising a tiny percentage of London’s new builds, there is a wider discussion to be had about he forces governing architecture in London. Is the current planning system right for London?

Given current trends, how will the architecture of our city change in the next 20 years? And what can policymakers, opinion-formers and the public do to ensure that good design is implemented?

This event is one of Centre for London’s Spotlight series of public breakfast discussions, each focusing on a different aspect of life in the capital and the policies shaping it. We offer the floor to experts in their field and provide the forum for those with unique insight into our city can exchange ideas with specialists and policymakers. Our Spotlight events are open and free to all, and we welcome you to join the conversation.

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Panel Discussion

Kieran Long, Senior Curator of Contemporary Architecture, Victoria and Albert Museum

Esther Kurland, Director, Urban Design London

Mark Brearley, former Head, Design for London

Paul Finch, Deputy Chair, The Design Council

Design Council, Saint John Street, London, United Kingdom


Design Council, Saint John Street, London, United Kingdom