Capital to country: London’s relationship with the UK

London is a global powerhouse and a powerful engine for the national economy, but its relationship with the rest of UK has become increasingly strained in recent years. People across the country express pride in the capital, but London also has some serious reputational problems.

Centre for London’s latest report investigates how London is perceived across the UK today and why, and develops new thinking on how London can improve perceptions and better connect with the rest of the country.

Join us at the report launch to explore opportunities for closer working between London and other UK cities. The report presentation and following panel discussion will detail how London’s relations with the rest of the country have changed in recent years and what needs to be done to rebuild a prosperous partnership.

During the launch we hope to explore:

  • Will the appetite for devolution grow after Brexit and how could city leaders harness this?
  • What is London doing to spread prosperity more widely across the UK and how can it build on and communicate this work?
  • What can London government, businesses and anchor institutions do to address the capital’s poor national reputation?
  • How can London respond to misconceptions about the city and its residents, while continuing to succeed as a national capital and global city?


The time and venue for this launch will be announced soon.

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