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Industrial land and the London Plan

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Industrial land is an integral part of every global city, but in London it is under pressure. Around 500 hectares of industrial land have been lost to housing in the past five years. This event will explore if intensification could help better utilise industrial land.

With limited space and increasing rents, businesses are being forced to relocate. This has implications for smaller businesses that might not survive relocation, as well as for employment and the effective functioning of the city. The Mayor’s draft London Plan proposes a sharp shift in policy from one of managed release to one of “no net loss of industrial floorspace”.

How can industrial uses be mixed with residential? How might this affect residents nearby? How have other global cities addressed this issue? How will the new Mayor’s policy position work in practice?

We are bringing together government officials, borough representatives, private business representatives and developers to discuss how industrial land in London can be used more efficiently, and build consensus on possible solutions. 

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