Head office: London’s rise as a corporate centre

Centre for London is publishing new research on London’s role as a headquarters hub, what this means for the city as a whole, and whether it can be sustained in a post-Brexit world.


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Amidst all the Brexit noise, it is easy to forget that London is the number one destination for headquarter investment. From tech giants to small UK-born start-ups, companies are still choosing to locate European or global HQs in London. London’s head office employment is booming – even though many firms’ corporate cores are being slimmed down through outsourcing and automation.

The report looks at the value, but also the challenges that HQs bring to the capital, and at the risks to London’s pre-eminence. How are headquarter functions changing, and are the criteria for their location changing too? Is the HQ economy likely to remain an engine of growth for the city, or does London need to prepare to share the top spot?

At a time when the statements of corporate CEOs are scrutinised and spun as a response to Brexit, join us at the launch to discuss the role of London as a centre for HQs. Centre for London will present the findings of the research, followed by an expert panel discussing:


  • How important are corporate headquarters to the city’s prosperity? And how can they benefit the city as a whole?
  • How attractive is London as an HQ location, when fast-growing markets are outside Europe?
  • Where are London’s long-term strengths and vulnerabilities, and what can be done to address these?


Speakers for this event will be announced soon.

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