Private Roundtable

How do we create a healthy city?

Over the past year, both individuals and London organisations have had to try new behaviours and interventions to protect public health. Which of these will stick, and what might they look like in their fourth or fifth iterations, 30 years from now?   

Given the enormous economic impact of the virus, how can we support Londoners whose worsening employment or housing situations are impacting their health? How might we have to go beyond traditional public health interventions?  

This private roundtable will focus on the strategic decisions that will impact the social and economic determinants of health over the next few decades. We are particularly interested in exploring the relationships between public health and other priorities for the city – are there trade-offs to be made between different policy areas?  

The event is part of Phase 2 of our London Futures project, our major strategic review of London on a scale not seen for 30 years. The project which will foster the new thinking that London needs to sustain its success and tackle its growing challenges.  


Special thanks to Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity for their support and guidance on this issue-specific roundtable.


This roundtable is part of Phase 2 of our London Futures project, which is generously supported by