Private Roundtable

Sustaining community innovation after the pandemic

This event has already taken place.

The rapid community and social response to coronavirus across London reflects the richness of our community networks, and has supported Londoners through some of the toughest weeks the city has seen.

The resilience and innovation of these community responses should offer lessons that can be carried through to recovery, as London seeks to build back, better.

At this private roundtable, leaders from local authorities, City Hall, third sector and community organisations, charitable funders and social enterprises will discuss:

  • How have different types of community response been initiated or adapted in response to the pandemic?
  • What lessons are being or need to be learnt by community organisers, funders and public bodies?
  • What infrastructure and support will be needed to sustain social innovation and collaboration?

The discussion, hosted under the Chatham House rule, will develop a set of actions that will feed into a short summary paper, and Centre for London’s manifesto for recovery.


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