Private Roundtable

What will automation and AI mean for productivity and the future of work in London?

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Nearly 40 per cent of the activities that people are paid to do in the UK today could be automated by 2030 with current technology. Up to seven million workers could be displaced and nine million new jobs created.

People most at risk of being displaced are those with low wages, low education levels, the young and the old, and those living in low-growth areas. How can we ensure Londoners are prepared to make this huge transition, and that we use this as an opportunity to decrease inequality?

Drawing on new research from McKinsey and Company, at this roundtable we will discuss new findings on automation and productivity in the UK and their implications for London’s workforce. We will explore the implications of automation and AI on growth, productivity and the future of work in London for businesses, employees and society as a whole.

Chaired by Ben Rogers, Director of Centre for London, and featuring insights from McKinsey’s Director of Research and Economics, Tera Allas, attendees will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences and challenges on automation and its effect on productivity growth in London. We will explore what innovative steps could be taken by public, private, and financial institutions, to increase the resilience of businesses and communities and to accelerate productivity growth in the capital.

This event is invite-only. If you would like to register your interest to attend please email [email protected]

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