The Active Last Mile: How can we boost out-of-home deliveries?

Join us at the launch of our new report as we discuss the potential benefits and challenges of getting more Londoners to collect their parcels locally.

We will be presenting our findings followed by a panel discussion consisting of London’s key stakeholders on the issue.

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Most parcel deliveries in the UK are made to people’s homes. Yet in a dense city like London, out of home deliveries can be a suitable alternative for many people – cutting carbon emissions and improving air quality.

The discussion will cover topics such as:

  • How to increase take up of parcel pick up and drop off in London 
  • The potential to reduce traffic and create safer roads 
  • How retailers and policymakers need to work together 
  • The future of parcel infrastructure in London 

If you would like to attend in-person but have not received a personal invite, please email our Senior Events Officer Aiste Kontrimaite.


  • Alan Barrie, Co-Chair, Delivering London Ltd & Chair, Stamp Free Ltd
  • Debbie Moffatt, Head of Business Development, PUDO at the Post Office
  • Steven Wilding, Head of Green Recovery, London Borough of Hounslow


  • Claire Harding, Research Director, Centre for London


  • Millie Mitchell, Researcher, Centre for London
  • Jordan Whitwell-Mak, Research Advisor, The Behavioural Insights Team


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