The London Conference 2022

Venue: In Person (Invite-Only) & Online

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The London Conference is a cornerstone of the London public policy and political calendar, bringing together the brightest minds from government, the private sector, and the third sector each year to discuss the most pressing issues facing the city.

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For all of London’s great successes, the city does not work for the benefit of all Londoners. From daily struggles made worse by the cost-of-living crisis, to high rates of pollution and poor health outcomes for London’s most vulnerable, many people are unable to access the full opportunities a world class city like London affords. For London to work for everyone, change is needed. 

The London Conference will involve keynote presentations, topical panel discussions and debates, with ample time for networking for both our in-person and online audience.


This year, we are glad to announce that we will be returning to a full in-person audience, at Senate House, University of London, as we welcome 450+ attendees back to the London Conference. This will be your opportunity to rub shoulders with London’s key decision makers and opinion formers.

If you would like to attend in person, please register your interest here.

We will be streaming the event live on YouTube so you can also enjoy the content remotely wherever you are.  

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Does London work for the UK? 

While the government focuses on its levelling up agenda, how can London be a part of the solution? Do the state of relations between London and the rest of the country really matter? 

Does London work for all Londoners? 

While the city has been phenomenally successful at generating growth and high end jobs, have we forgotten those Londoners that aren’t able to make the most of the city’s success, many of whom are critical to keeping the city going?  

Does London work for women? 

Unacceptable behaviour and even violence directed at women and girls is a daily occurrence, recently brought to the fore by the tragic murders of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa and Zara Aleena. What more should we be doing to make the city safer for women and girls? 

Does London work for business? 

Is London still a competitive place for international business investment? How does the city maintain its attractiveness, particularly versus other major global cities? What post-Brexit trends are we seeing? What more needs doing to ensure all Londoners can access the opportunities of London’s global success? 

Does London work for domestic and international visitors?  

What needs to happen to bring domestic and international tourists back to London? How do we ensure that all Londoners benefit from the capital’s tourist industry? What are the downsides of a return to a high volume of visitors, and how might we mitigate them? 

Does London work for families? 

The cost-of-living crisis has stretched family budgets. Is London still an attractive place to raise a family or are we seeing an exodus out of the capital? 

Does London work for the future? 

In order for the city to achieve its net zero goals, London has laid out big ideas and a new vision. How do we implement the real change to deliver real results? 


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