Countdown to Net Zero London


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Opening remarks: London’s green recovery

Opening remarks

As the UK tentatively emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. Our new Chief Executive Nick Bowes will set out why London’s recovery must be aligned with the city’s net zero goals and the scale of the challenge ahead to meet them. 

Building sustainable neighbourhoods


This panel discussion will start with an introduction from Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy Shirley Rodrigues, and will explore how London can adapt its existing buildings and public realm while also designing new, resilient places that encourage sustainable lifestyle choices. What changes need to be made to tackle embodied carbon emissions? What does a truly sustainable built environment look like for neighbourhoods? 

Working for London – Creating green jobs for all Londoners


This panel discussion will explore the challenges and opportunities with creating a sustainable and inclusive economy for all Londoners. What interventions from government and businesses does London need to create green jobs? What can policymakers do to encourage job creation across industries? What skills and qualifications will Londoners from different backgrounds need to take up green jobs?  

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Rethinking London’s transport for 2030


This panel discussion will discuss practical strategies to ensure London’s transport system reaches net zero carbon emissions by the end of the decade. We’ll explore the major hurdles to getting there including electrification, regulation and accessibility. How can London’s leaders in local government, businesses and transport adapt to make London a global exemplar for sustainable urban transport? 

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