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How We Are Funded

Centre for London is a charity. Our work is funded by a mixture of private, public and third sector organisations, as well as by individual donors who believe in the power of ideas to change the city.

Centre for London relies on the support of organisations and individuals to carry out our work. Our funding partners come from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors, reflecting a core belief which lies at the heart of everything we do – that London does best when different people, from diverse parts of the city, come together to solve its challenges.


How our work is funded

The majority of our work is funded on a project-by-project basis. We aim to convene coalitions of sponsors from different sectors to support our research and events. We are focused on increasing our core funding and strengthening our relationships with trusts, charitable foundations and grant-givers. Organisations can also join our Partner Forum, which enables us to do long-term strategic thinking and undertake reactive research.

Sources of funding

We are committed to being transparent about where our funding comes from. We publish the name of any individual or organisation who supports us, whether in money or in-kind, and we never accept anonymous donations. Funders are clearly and consistently credited across our website, in printed reports and at our events.

You can view the funding reports compiled since Centre for London was established as a charity below.

2020 Annual report



2017-18 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

2015 Report

2014 Report

2013 Report

Our independence

We stand or fall by our independence and the integrity of our research and events. We have a number of procedures in place to protect our independence, our reputation and to ensure that we adhere to Charity Commission guidance. These include:

  • Funding agreements with each sponsor which clearly set out the terms of our relationship and Centre for London’s editorial independence.
  • A due diligence process to determine if we should accept funding from a particular source. This is overseen by an integrity team.
  • A whistleblowing policy, which outlines the process for staff to raise with trustees concerns about the Centre’s conduct in relation to its funding sources.
  • When we campaign for changes in law, policy or political practice, we can only do so in support of our charitable objectives.


If you’d like to find out more about how to support our work please contact: Max Goldman, Development Manager, [email protected]

Partners & Support us

Find out more about how you could support our work, and organisations who have previously funded our work.