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London’s success depends on the city tackling the huge challenges that have come with 25 years of rapid growth. Our research focuses on the issues that matter to Londoners, now and in the future.


London’s population has grown and changed dramatically in recent years. We look behind the headlines at the social and civic issues facing the capital, including changing patterns of wealth, poverty and opportunity, civil society, education, crime, cohesion, and well-being.

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Governance & Public Services

With public spending facing further cuts, our research explores the challenges for London’s governance and its wider public sector. How can public services cope with rising demands? How can we create more effective, responsive and innovative services? Could further fiscal devolution help tailor London’s public services to the capital’s needs?

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London's Economy

London is the economic powerhouse of the UK and Europe’s economic capital. Our economic research looks at the innovative new sectors and ways of doing business that are transforming the capital. We examine London’s role as a hub for global trade and and look at the spaces, skills and employment support that the city needs.

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Housing & Infrastructure

London’s housing and infrastructure are feeling the strain of growth. Our housing and infrastructure research asks how and where we can build the homes we need; how transport infrastructure can cope with rising demand; and how we can ensure that new development is sustainable and well designed.

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London & Beyond

London is a pre-eminent global city and a powerful capital. How can we build on the contribution it makes and ensure prosperity and opportunity are spread throughout the UK? How can London continue to attract business from around the globe, and have a positive influence on the world?

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Mostaque Chowdhury


8 November 2016 – 30 June 2017

London After Brexit Our new project looks at what London needs to do to maintain and strengthen its position as a global city.

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