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In a time of rapid change, what is London's place in the world and how can it succeed as a global city?

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Like other global cities, London has benefited from globalisation, but the growth that comes with it is putting huge pressures on infrastructure, amplifying inequality and driving a wedge between London and the rest of the UK.

Examining London’s place in the world post-EU Referendum vote,  The London Conference 2016 discussed how the capital can remain prosperous and well-connected while keeping growth inclusive. We also looked at London’s economic and social responsibilities to its citizens, and to the nation.

networking-at-conferenceOn the day, we heard from David Miliband and Paul Collier on the refugee crisis; Deputy Mayors Alicia Glen (New York) and Jules Pipe (London) on planning for regeneration in a global city; Professor Benjamin Barber on how cities should step up to solve global problems; Tony Travers on devolution; economist Vicky Pryce on London’s prospects post-Article 50; Wolff Olins CEO Ije Nwokorie on improving London’s brand in the UK; innovation expert Charlie Leadbeater on five scenarios for London’s future, and many more.

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